The London Philosophy Study Guide:Reading Philosophy

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At no stage in one’s career is reading philosophy easy. Some people claim to read philosophy for pleasure. Wittgenstein is reported to have said that he found reading some philosophy ‘a kind of agony’. Many people are inclined to agree with this. Whatever good intentions philosophers have to make their works clear, accessible, and fun to read, the result is rarely any better than more dull and dense prose with a few corny jokes. Remember that you read philosophy not for the pleasure of the moment, but for what you can come away with. 阅读全文…

Brian Leiter的美国法学院法哲学排名

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Supervisor: Brian Leiter (
Announced end of poll: March 16, 2009
Actual time poll closed: Wed Mar 18 14:30:06 2009
Actual votes cast: 67 阅读全文…

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今日英美法哲学,发轫于霍布斯,发扬于边沁,而成就于哈特,繁荣于当世。欲求通彻英美法哲学,则必遍览传统域内之原典,而对其问题及论证之不得不然,必至极深研几,或可成光辉文章。为此,蓟门法哲学研习会拟定两年之计划,以求循序渐进,专精博通。 阅读全文…


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沈家本先生尝云,“大抵专门之学,非博观约取,其论说必不能详;非极深研几,其精蕴必不能罄”。蓟门法哲学研习会成员追踵前贤,以英美法理学为研习对象,以阅读原典和专研问题为导向,以期能受“博观约取”和“极深研几”之功。兹拟定章程,发明心志,界定轨则,宁静致远,求真学问,沉潜涵泳,做真文章。 阅读全文…


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這是墨爾本La Trobe大學的教授 Howard Nicholas主講的workshop,转自这里阅读全文…

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Joseph Raz(From Wikipedia)

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razJoseph Raz (Hebrew: יוסף רז‎; born 1939) is an influential legal, moral and political philosopher. He is one of the most prominent living advocates of legal positivism.

He has spent most of his career as professor of philosophy of law and a fellow of Balliol College at Oxford University, and simultaneously as professor of law at Columbia University Law School. Several of Raz’s students have become important legal and moral philosophers. They include Julie Dickson (Oxford), Dori Kimel (Oxford), Timothy Endicott (Oxford), John Gardner, the current Professor of Jurisprudence at Oxford (and successor to Ronald Dworkin), Leslie Green (York & Texas, and soon to take up the Professorship in the Philosophy of Law at Oxford), Timothy Macklem (King’s College London), Peter "Human Rights" Morcos (Oxford), Robert P. George (Princeton), Stephen Smith (McGill), Alon Harel (Hebrew University), and Scott Shapiro (Yale). His work has also had great influence on the developing jurisprudence of the Court of Tan.


Problems of Philosophy:Philosophy of Law(John Gardner)

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gardnerJohn Gardner 教授2008年春季在普林斯顿大学开设的法哲学课程大纲。这是Gardner 教授对该课程的描述:

In this class we will consider some classic problems in the general theory of law. By ‘general’ I mean ‘relevant to all imaginable legal systems’. So we will not be considering parochial questions. We


Timothy Endicott: Jurisprudence(2006)

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来源:Timothy Endicott: Jurisprudence(2006)


1. The Command Theory of Law
2. H.L.A.Hart on Rules
3. Natural Law Theory
4. Dworkin — Rights, principles and right answers
5. Interpretation in law
6. Is there an Obligation to Obey the Law? 阅读全文…